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Director of Program Services/LCSW
Title:Director of Program Services/LCSW
Program Name:Schwartz Assessment Shelter
Location:Wards Island, NY

The Director of Program Services is responsible for managing service programs and activities to ensure the accurate implementation by staff of the approved policies and procedures as defined by Volunteers of America – Greater New York and the appropriate funding source.


The position requires a LCSW and three years of relevant experience. The position requires a demonstrated ability to manage multiple programs serving diverse client populations with substantial budget responsibility. In addition, it requires a reasonable combination of skills in the following areas: the design, operational oversight and evaluation of program services, personnel management, budget development and control, property management, public relations and governmental relations.


  1. Develop and market program services.
  2. Manage program services for the quality and consistency. Monitor results of external and agency surveys and the implementation of corrective action plans.
  3. Hire, train and supervise program personnel.

  4. Manage assigned program fiscal operations and facilities.

  5. Manage community and governmental relations.

  6. Manage process and submit applications for RFPs and grants.

  7. Ensure therapeutic interventions are provided and documented to assist residents in adjustment to their assigned program, including their social, emotional, and psychological needs.

  8. Ensure support and education are provided and documented to assist residents in their transition into the community including referrals to appropriate social service agencies when the facility does not provide the needed services.

  9. Develop group curriculum for residents as appropriate to their needs

  10. Provide clinical oversight, intervention and emergency response to address client critical incidents.

  11. Perform other related tasks as assigned.


  1. New programs are developed in areas consistent with the organization's goals, objectives and development capabilities.
  2. Program clients are provided with high quality, cost-effective services. External surveys meet expectations; citations are addressed and abated timely and corrective action plans are implemented.
  3. Qualified personnel are recruited, trained and retained.

  4. Programs operate within approved budgets and facilities are maintained at the highest standards.

  5. Positive relations are maintained with communities where programs are located, with local governments and with funding and licensing agencies.

  6. Submission of competitive proposal for existing and new services; successful growth of the service sector ad agency

  7. Clients will receive and be offered immediate assistance needed to adjust to program

  8. Clients will receive and be offered the all of the necessary support and education to aid in their successful transition to the community

  9. Groups of interest to and targeted for the population served will be available for the clients

  10. Emergency clinical on-call support is provided to the staff and the clients during crisis.

  11. Related tasks are completed on time and accurately.

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