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Information Systems Manager
Title:Information Systems Manager
Program Name:IT

The Information Systems Manager is responsible for responding to and resolving division-wide Helpdesk inquiries and maintaining records and reports for the Helpdesk System. Creating, maintaining and documenting user accounts for the network and the software that requires it. Providing documenting user accounts for the network and the software that requires it. Providing assistance and back up for the IS Manager-Support and the IS Manager-Network Administration. Successfully complete special projects as assigned by supervision.



Bachelor's degree in computer science and one year of experience, or satisfactory combination of education and experience. The position requires a college degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience with 1-3 years work experience in the computer field. A proven knowledge of applicable operating systems and a wide variety of applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, e-mail, etc. Familiarity with maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software is required. Excellent written and oral communication, as well as strong interpersonal skills is essential with the ability to work cooperatively in a demanding user environment. Demonstrated ability to coordinate and/or manage many projects simultaneously.




1. Maintain the Helpdesk under the supervision of the IS Manager - Support.

2. Create, maintain and document the network user and software user accounts.

3. Assist the IS Manager - Support in the supervision of networked sites in the division.

4. Ensure a continuous and stable documented desktop-operating environment.

5. Perform testing and installation of new and upgraded application software as necessary under the IS Manager - Support's supervision.

6. Complete special projects assigned by IS supervisors in a timely fashion.

7. Provide troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution for desktop hardware and operating systems as well as network and software user accounts.

8. Continue own professional development and training.

9. Perform other selected duties as required.



  1. Desktop operating system, user accounts and user training problems are effectively monitored.
  2. An adequate user environment exists with a ready source of information regarding that environment.
  3. Assisting the IS Manager - Support will ensure proper personnel cross-training in order to ensure continuous support of IS network services.
  4. User productivity and efficiency will increase.
  5. A continuous and efficient desktop-operating system will be maintained.
  6. Cost effective productivity gains and greater efficiency through the use of current technologies and application development and enhancement will be achieved.
  7. A stable and continuous operating environment will be ensured.
  8. Competency and knowledge in the Agency's systems will be achieved by taking training courses as specified by supervision and successfully pass associated certification tests within a 90-day period after completion of a course.
  9. A consistent level of support and knowledge will be maintained.
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